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10 Ways to Get Plump Skin Instantly, without Injectables

Finding out various ways to get plump skin should be a part of your anti-aging routine. After all, everyone wants to get that dewy, youthful, plump skin! Knowing your way around hydrating ingredients, anti-aging powerhouses like retinol, and collagen production of the skin is fundamental to achieving that.

Although using injectables, and fillers are popular ways of getting plump-looking skin, there are definitely ways to get plump skin and make sure that it is maintained in the long run. If you want to see long-lasting results instead of short-term gains, you need to stick to a skincare routine.

Plump skin means supple skin that is free of fine lines, wrinkles, and dull skin. Sticking to a skincare regimen that involves hydration, exfoliation, collagen synthesis, and making the right lifestyle choices can definitely help you to get plump skin.

So, ready to get that glowing plump skin? Let’s get started!

How to get plump skin right away? – The top 10 ways

#1. It is all about hydration!

It is impossible to talk about plump skin without hydration and moisture. Healthy, plump skin is skin that is well-hydrated in and out + the one that retains moisture.

How to get hydrated skin? Get your skin some Hyaluronic acid! It is a humectant, meaning, it binds water to the skin. That’s exactly how it irons out fine lines and wrinkles. Your body already produces HA, however, as we age, it becomes less abundant. So, you need to make up for that lost HA by using topical creams, serums, and toners. The best to get that HA boost is by serums, in my opinion.

Some other hydrating and moisturizing ingredients to look for are Sodium Hyaluronate (a form of HA), Panthenol, Glycerin, Ceramides, and Squalane.

#2. Get your skin to agree with Retinol

Everyone knows it by this time: Retinol is a gold standard when it comes to acne treatment, skin cell turnover, as well as smoothing wrinkles. Though it has some side effects, you simply have to start giving it a try. If you are a beginner to retinol saga or have sensitive skin, I suggest you start with gentler retinol, like encapsulated retinol, for example.

You can also opt for retinol alternatives like bakuchiol, and stick to low concentrations. Making retinol a part of your routine will benefit your skin for a long time, so, you need to start someday. Better make it happen asap!

#3. Eat collagen-boosting foods

get plump skin
Photo by Ola Mishchenko on Unsplash

You know how they say in order to have hydrated skin, you need to give it hydration inside out? That’s certainly the case for getting plump skin too! While collagen supplements are popular these days, eating food-boosting collagen outweighs any collagen powders out there.

Collagen and elastin are two proteins that keep the skin supple, plump, and rejuvenated. They are the building blocks of the skin, with amino acids that make up these proteins. As age progresses, those blocks become less resilient, so you need to boost your collagen levels as you go through aging, which we all do.

The best way to make sure you boost collagen levels is by introducing fatty acids to your diet. Yes, we are talking about the lovely Omega-3 and Omega-6. A diet rich in fish like salmon, sardines, olive oil, sunflower seeds, almond, and walnuts is the way to go. Additionally, egg whites, chicken, citrus fruits, berries, and cashews are packed with ingredients that support collagen production.

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#4. Antioxidants are your friends

get plump skin

It is no secret that as we age, our skin loses its plumpness and elasticity. Enter antioxidants. Antioxidants defend your body against free radicals and oxidative stress, same goes for your skin. The most powerful antioxidants in skincare are Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide), and Coenzyme Q10.

There are two ways your skin can benefit from antioxidants: 1) add them to your skincare regimen and 2) add them to your diet. Chili peppers, rose hips, kiwis, and berries are excellent sources of Vitamin C. Not only will it boost your immune system, but it will also help collagen synthesis. So, it is time to add leafy greens, fruits, and vegetables to your diet, they are going to help you in and out. (literally)

#5. Include peptides in your routine

If we are talking about the importance of collagen to get plump skin, we simply HAVE TO talk about peptides. Peptides refer to the chains of amino acids we mentioned before. And they together, make up proteins like collagen. Basically, this is how it goes:

Amino acids ➸ Peptides ➸ Protein ❤️ (Collagen, Elastin)

So, when you incorporate peptides into your routine, you stimulate further collagen production in your skin. In short, this means an improved skin barrier, and more elastic, plump skin! Plus, they are amazing anti-wrinkles agents, with some studies suggesting wrinkle improvement even after 2 weeks of use.

#6. Experiment with wrinkle patches

You have probably seen beauty TikTokers slap these wrinkle patches on overnight and swear by them in the morning. If you want some quick results to address some fine lines and wrinkles, why not try these wrinkles patches? They can give you that look of plump skin in no time.

There are different types of wrinkle patches: silicone and sheet patches, micro-needling patches, etc. Silicone patches, being the most popular of the bunch, work by adhering to the skin and pulling water from deeper layers of the skin to the top layer. By providing moisture loss, they give you beautiful, soft, and plump skin.

Also, most wrinkle patches are made with hydrating superstars hyaluronic acid, copper peptides, Vitamin C, and CoQ10 that smooth out those fine lines and wrinkles. What I love most about wrinkle/eye patches in general is their instant result. You can just slap em on and see your skin refreshed right away.

#7. Don’t forget to exercise regularly

get plump skin
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Ever heard about post-workout glow? I for once can’t get enough of my post-pilates glow! It doesn’t just happen randomly btw, there is a scientific reason behind it. When you exercise, you increase your heart rate which improves your blood circulation. This is what helps get rid of free radicals to reveal softer, plumper skin.

Besides providing your skin cells with oxygen, exercising helps nutrients get delivered into your body. In a way, waking up your body helps your skin wake up too. Whatever it is that gets you going, whether it is swimming, running, or cycling – just get on it, because you deserve to glow up!

#8. Beauty sleep is a real thing

Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t only good for your body, it is good for your skin too. When you sleep well, your body releases growth hormones that rebuild skin cells. Unfortunately, it is common for people to develop dark circles, and undereye bags because of lack of sleep.

According to Sleep Foundation, recommended hours of sleep for adults is between 7 and 9. Try to get at least 7 hours of sleep. I know, with so many things going on, sleeping for 7 hours is considered a luxury for some of us. However, if you cut down on screen time and plan ahead, it is still possible! Getting that sleep will help you wake up to refreshed, plump skin.

#9. Don’t forget to SPF every day

Did you know that sun damage is the Number 1 factor behind skin aging? By exposing your skin to the sun daily, you unknowingly destroy collagen in your skin which leads to saggy, aging skin in the future.

Make wearing sunscreen a habit of your life! AAD recommends applying at least SPF 30 daily. Not using sunscreen daily leads to collagen degradation, and in the worst cases, skin cancer. If you want to add to your skincare routine in terms of anti-aging, sunscreen should be the best place to start. Opt for broad-spectrum sunscreens that will protect the skin against both UVA and UVB rays.

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#10. Find your “ME” time: Get facials whenever you can

I can talk about how to get plump skin for hours. But the reality is, none of it would matter if you couldn’t make time for yourself. That’s why “Me” time matters so much. It means spending time at least once a month relaxing, taking care of your skin, and getting away from the daily wear and tear of life. This, of course, includes facials too!

Facials can be total game-changers. Whether it is a classic facial or the hydration-packed HydraFacial, you will achieve maximum results that you can’t achieve at home.

To recap: Getting plump skin is a process

Plump skin is a result of skin that has hydration, a well-balanced skin barrier, and moisture. And lastly, certainly, the one that favors collagen production. So, get a Hyaluronic acid serum, exfoliate regularly, and eat a healthy diet. And maybe get into Korean skincare which is all about hydration and moisture.

So, these are the essential steps to take to get plump skin. Remember that youthful-looking skin is a product of a consistent skincare routine, lots of sunscreen, (with 2 finger rule, not the Paltrow way), and maintaining skin’s collagen levels.

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