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I am Madina, your sensitive skin go-to person here.

Growing up with sensitive skin, and not realizing it fully was a long journey. It takes some time for some people to actually understand what type of skin they have and what products they should use. And I was definitely one of them!

My skin has always been couperose-prone, but somehow I decided to ignore all the signs of sensitive skin and finally took action at the age of 26! I know, crazy!

I have always been interested in skincare and makeup, but it wasn’t until the pandemic (you know the one) hit that I have decided to start THESKINVERSE.

Throughout all the turmoil the world been through, I rediscovered my passion for writing and coming up with a skincare routine that worked for me indoors. Also, I did a lot of baking and cooking, which was kind of meditative.

Skincare is a long journey, sometimes you get it right, sometimes you mess up. The goal is to eventually get there and hopefully improve your life.

What do we DO?

Skincare is self-care. This is our motto at THESKINVERSE.

Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated. Or expensive. It is not about slathering a 200 dollar La Mer cream on your skin and waiting for a miracle. Spoiler alert: It is not going to happen. It is all about getting to know your skin and seeing what actually works. It is our mission to educate, inform and help our readers come up with a great skincare routine that works for them.

Think of THESKINVERSE as your skin universe. You will find everything you need here, ranging from skincare ingredients to skincare product reviews.

  1. We help “disect” skincare and explain how it works in simple terms.
  2. It is a challenge to live with sensitive skin. We’ve got your back!
  3. We research our topics and refer to different sources that are backed by science.
  4. We provide honest reviews about skincare (hair + makeup) products and help you find what can work for you.
  5. We also write about lifestyle, mental health and dealing with being single AF.
  6. Also, we are obsessed with K-beauty, so, you can learn more about it here.

How do we do it?

Science-backed Skincare

We are not a team of skin specialists, or estheticians. However, we are daily “consumers” of skincare, so we always try to learn and educate our audience. So, when writing about a specific topic we do our best to double check (or even triple-check) the information before publishing. Coming up with personal opinions about skincare is fine. That’s what we are PASSIONATE about! However, it also needs to be science backed.

Reliable sources and Research

We do a thorough research before we publish any article. We frequently rely on information sources like The National Center for Biotechnology Information, and use references from them. Another good source of publications is Journal of The American Academy of Dermatology. We do our best to keep up with the latest researches and published articles in dermatology so we can verify a specific piece of information.

Constantly evolving

Nothing in the world stays the same. Neither does skincare. There is always a new ingredient, new information, new products… If there is something new about encapsulated retinol, trust me, you will know about that. We at THESKINVERSE make sure that our content is up to date and accurate. If there is any update or change in skincare, whether it is ingredients or products, we intend to update our articles accordingly.

How do we review skincare products ?

THESKINVERSE is a platform where we recommend products that we use. It is extremely important for us to recommend products that don’t irritate the skin. In case they do, we’ll definitely inform you. You will find that a lot of product reviews will conclude if a certain product if suitable for sensitive skin or not.

Our review criteria at THESKINVERSE

There are a couple of things we consider while reviewing a product:

  1. Does this product (brand) live up to its claims?
  2. Does it do its job and perform well?
  3. What skin type is the product for?
  4. Is it irritating or is it suitable for sensitive skin?
  5. Does the product have positive reviews online?
  6. How does it compare to other similar products in the market?

Brands that are vegan and cruelty-free are always our personal favorites. You will not find any reviews about boogie-ass expensive products that do not perform on our platform.

We buy the products we review

Unless it has a box before the post saying that it was sent to us, we buy the products we review. We try to review “hot” skincare products that have some buzz around them, so our readers can read our honest, in-depth reviews and decide themselves if they want to give a certain product a try.

Affiliate Disclosure

We sometimes earn a small commission from some of the products we recommend. That said, this doesn’t influence our take on any of the products. Our opinions are our own at THEKINVERSE.

What we DO NOT do

  1. We DO NOT promote products that have no value
  2. We DO NOT refer to any sources without scientific research or data
  3. We DO NOT hype up a certain product when it isn’t worth it
  4. We DO NOT mislead our readers and tell our opinion as is

Beautiful skin isn’t only about skincare products, it is a lifestyle. This blog intends to tell you all about it.

So, shall we start?

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