difference between bb creams and cc creams

The difference between BB creams and CC creams, Simplified

BB creams or CC creams, that is the question. I am sure if the 21st century Shakespeare was into skincare, this is how his famous lines would go. The difference between BB creams and CC creams isn’t that major. And sure there are DD creams too.

But since the main goal of makeup is to make your skin look flawless, setting the base is very crucial. It is like the canvas you create to sort of draw on later (getting really artsy here). This is where different kinds of creams come into play. In this post, we are settling the ultimate debate on the difference between BB creams and CC creams, and yes, DD creams.

But first, what is a BB cream? 

BB creamaka Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm, is a versatile product that hides skin imperfections and takes care of them simultaneously. BB creams combine the properties of foundation and day creams. In a way, it is a makeup product that has a skincare side to it.

They even out the tone of the face and hide minor imperfections. In addition, they moisturize and nourish the skin, and heal minor inflammations. 

The main properties of a BB cream:

  • contain SPF;
  • masks dark spots and evens out skin tone;
  • soothes the skin;
  • some versions include components that slow down the aging process;
  • includes antioxidants that fight free radicals, aka the unstable molecules that mess things up

BB creams are lighter in coverage, so if you are looking for a minimal makeup look + skincare, this one’s for you.

How to apply BB creams? Use it just like you use foundation. Dab a few drops on your cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin. You can use your fingers, foundation brush, or a wet sponge. Do what works for your skin. 

And… What is a CC cream? 

difference between bb creams and cc creams
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CC cream, also known as “Color corrective” or “Color control” are similar to BB creams. Just like BB creams, CC creams provide makeup coverage, as well as skincare benefits. As a rule, such creams moisturize the skin well, even out the skin tone, and protect the skin barrier.

However, the main goal of CC cream as you can tell from the title is to even out the tone and fight redness, and hyperpigmentation of the skin. So, skin that suffers from redness, blotchiness, the discoloration can significantly benefit from using CC creams. 

CC cream properties: 

  • deals with rosacea, redness 
  • contains brightening agents (vitamin C, licorice root)
  • boasts soothing agents (such as shea butter, and green tea) 
  • provides light coverage 

Generally, you will apply a CC cream just like you apply a BB cream. But remember that both BB creams and CC creams offer light to medium coverage, so don’t expect them to give you a foundation effect.

Even though you might achieve full coverage by layering foundation on your CC cream, don’t overdo the foundation, start with a few drops. 

The difference between BB creams and CC creams

difference between bb creams and cc creams 4

Both CC and BB creams are tinted moisturizers. The differences between CC and BB creams are very subtle. What you have to know is that CC cream is primarily aimed at color correction: it fights dark circles under the eyes and helps to hide redness and discoloration of the skin. BB creams, however, provide heavier coverage in comparison with CC creams. But they won’t address the redness and hyperpigmentation issues of the skin. 

#1. Difference between BB creams and CC creams – Ingredients:

If you compare the compositions on the packages of BB creams and CC creams, they will seem almost the same. Water, color pigments, SPF factors, herbal extracts, and oils are all included in both products.

The whole secret is in proportions and concentration: in the composition of the BB-cream, the percentage of moisturizing and nourishing components will be higher.

#2. Difference between BB creams and CC creams – Texture:

When applied, the BB cream resembles a nourishing cream that lays down in an even, dense layer. Due to its moisturizing properties, BB Cream is ideal for those with dry skin.

If you have oily skin, you should choose CC creams that have a powdery finish and a lighter texture.

#3. Difference between BB creams and CC creams – Pigment:

As we mentioned before, BB cream gives more coverage when compared to CC creams. CC creams perfectly adjust to the skin tone and look as natural as possible: the pigments that make up its base have a light-scattering effect.

CC creams are often produced as a white skin balm. When you apply it, microparticles of colored pigments are activated in it, which makes it adjust the individual skin tone. 

Which one is better: BB creams or CC creams?

difference between bb creams and cc creams

There is no right or wrong when it comes to using these products. What it comes down to is trying out what works best for your skin.

If you are prone to redness, rosacea, or discoloration, use a CC cream. If you want heavier coverage and have dry skin, go with a BB cream

And finally, what is DD cream for skin?

Yes, we are making our way down the alphabet, but I promise, this is the last one. DD cream stands for “Daily Defense” or “Dynamic Do It All”. (which was picked up later)

Initially, DD creams were marketed as a  product for rough skin of the feet, but later it was transformed into Dynamic Do-All cream and is now used mainly to protect the skin of the face. A DD cream is a must-have in your beauty arsenal, as it literally does it all: 

  • moisturizes the skin
  • has a healing effect (able to heal pimples and some inflammations);
  • versatility ─ can be used for normal, dry, oily, combination, and even sensitive skin;
  • protects the skin from negative environmental influences, including ultraviolet radiation;
  • anti-aging ─ DD cream rejuvenates the skin and reduces the appearance of fine superficial wrinkles;

The anti-aging property is what makes DD cream really stand out among the other alphabet contestants. 

DD creams vs BB creams and CC creams: What is the difference?

The main task of a CC cream is the basic color correction of the face. However, in terms of DD-creams, it is protecting the skin from the negative effects of the environment, by acting as a shield.

DD cream for skin literally protects it from dirt, bacteria, and other harmful substances. The DD cream has an even lighter texture, so in most cases, it is used with a regular foundation. And, the anti-aging property we talked about earlier. 

In a way, DD creams are a mix between BB creams and CC creams, as they combine moisturizing ingredients with sun protection filters and a small number of tinted pigments. 

The final takeaway

If you don’t want to do basically a paint job on your face every day, these creams are for you. As they should.

We hope this piece did ok with providing you with all the information you needed before purchasing one. Analyze your skin, see what it needs and experiment until you find your go-to product.

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